Sunday, January 24, 2016

Doing the doing during the no doing but doing time.

It was good to be hibernated for the past two days. Big storms like this should come more often (preferably during the work week). I spent this time filing my taxes. I also completely tore down my pathetic website and lit it up and watched it burn... it was really old, and immature, and unprofessional, and I started rebuilding it from scratch, replacing it completely and pathetically and wholesomely with a brand fucking new pathetic, immature website.  It is currently a work in progress. But there some sound bits this time around, so that's kind of cool. Check back soon for significant developments between now and the Spring. I promise. I'll make it all lead somewhere worthwhile.  I HAVE A PLAN.

This was a good weekend. Pluto & Lulu kept me company as Jonas reminded us all just how small and human we actually are (thank you, Jonas).

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