Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Welcome 2015.

Well, wasn't 2014 interesting.

Personally, I'm glad it's over. Subconsciously I think I took a twelve-month "time-out". I withdrew and focused mostly on keeping sane. I am sure people wondered what was going on with me, and I am sure everyone took it personally an thought it had everything to do with them. Humans, they be selfish. Don't hold it against them.

Well, I'm back. I'm open and ready for business. And I am sorry to say this has absolutely nothing to do with you. Selfish humans. 

I took some time off for the Holidays, giving me a chance to have some time home alone with no one around but Pluto and Lulu. They only judge as cats are want to do, and do not interject and throw their own opinions at you like it's holy sermon, so they're acceptable silent companions. After god knows how many years I've started writing again, and it feels good. It feels new, which is the best part. And challenging. Like I've never done it before. Which, in a way, I haven't. Because this isn't poetry. It's something else. It's a thing I love and a thing I've never attempted to create before myself. It could be a total failure and a total waste of time, but as I keep telling my husband, it's THE JOURNEY that counts more than WHERE YOU END UP. The end is just the end, so who wants to get there before you die? Fuck that. Not me.

Come on 2015, I am ready. The journey continues.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

"20,000 Days On Earth"

"You know I can control the weather with my moods. I just can't control my moods." - Nick Cave

One of the best, most beautiful, most inspiring documentaries I have ever seen.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Everyone Wants Bike Messengers

Corporate employment is definitely UP in NYC for bike messengers.

First, Uber announced they will start using messengers:

Then, Amazon announced they too will start using messengers:

Who's next? Starbucks? Target? Best Buy?? Barnes & Noble???

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Birthday at Billymarks.

From last night, me and my drunk celebrating my 38 years of being.

He looks like a mental patient. I am aware of it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Yesterday Morning I Became A Husband.

We got legally hitched at Brooklyn City Hall...

...then afterwards we got matching tattoos at Flyrite, sealing the deal.

And I've never felt happier.