Monday, December 5, 2011

Aging Teeth

I turn 35 today. So I spent the weekend celebrating. Friday night we all went and drank way too much at our favorite haunting spot, Billymark's West, over on 29th and 9th. Then Saturday my friend Jim took me to see Tori Amos at the Beacon Theatre, marking the 10-year anniversary of the first night I ever saw Tori play live, which also happened to be at the Beacon. Of course, we went out drinking again afterwards at a little dive gay bar around the corner from the theatre, where an intimidating drag queen proceeded to accost me. Then on Sunday I headed out to Long Island to spend some time with my Nana. We spent a good couple of hours watching the Spanish channel together, which is a bit strange as neither one of us speaks Spanish. But it was on when I arrived, and she didn't seem to want me to change it, so I let it be.

Needless to say I am still a bit green and achy from the weekend. I can't even bear the thought of whiskey right now. Today I am back at my latest collage, which I haven't touched since last week. Here's a detail shot of a small section of it:

Yes, those are teeth. Aren't they quite beautiful? I wish mine were that sparkly. The collage is coming along nicely, I hope to be done with it by mid week.

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