Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Next of Kin

I get frustrated whenever I think about just how much computers do in our world. And no matter how many different angles I approach it from, I can't help but think that our computers, our technology, will inevitably be our downfall.

Maybe I'm just bitter because the architecture industry, the industry I'm trying to make it in, is completely overrun with computers. No one drafts by hand anymore. 'Blueprints' don't exist. You don't even need to know how to draw by hand anymore. Which in a nutshell means that you really don't even need the ability to think in three dimensions to be an architect. Why? Because today we're letting the computers do all the thinking (and drawing) for us!

Go take a stroll around Manhattan, look at all the new buildings that have been built within the last twenty years or so. Do they look more like they were designed by humans? Or do they actually look more like they were designed by... dare I say... computers?!

Computers were invented to make life easier for us. But it's all gotten to the point that not only do they make our lives easier, but they also do our thinking for us. What does this mean for the future? We know what's next: Androids. Computers that not only think like us, but also look like us. But- Will they be good?

Or will they be bad?

And will they completely replace us all together? Or exist as our slaves?

Is a race really a race if it was created by humans? Or can a race only be a race if it was created by Mother Nature? And will that new man-made race have rights? Or, are we simply heading towards a future of new slavery? And will that lead us to war with our own creations?

Better yet- Will we know when to draw the line for computers? Will we have enough control to prevent ourselves from being wiped out by whatever we create??

Is the human so lazy that our extinction will be brought about by our laziness?
I think about that every single time I open up this damn Revit program on my computer.

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i like rosie... she wasnt all bad