Monday, February 1, 2010

Lick My Legs

This here is a quicky today, just because I haven't been at the computer much and my brain hasn't been able to focus on any specific topics worth blogging about. And it didn't help much that today felt more like a Sunday than a Monday. As a rule I don't blog on Sundays, and all day long I kept thinking, "Nice that I don't have to blog today!" But then, I kept remembering what day it REALLY was. Blonde moment on repeat, I guess.

But... speaking of repeat, PJ Harvey has been popping up in my ipod shuffle a lot today, so why not pay her a lil' tribute here? I have no choice. Girl's on my mind!

Here's a really great video of her playing on Leno way back in 1993 when her "Rid of Me" album just came out:

Look how young she is here! In a way, her youthful & somewhat innocent appearance just adds to the intensity of that performance. To this day, "Rid of Me" is still one of my top favorite songs.

And another great PJ song, "A Perfect Day Elise":

And finally, just because she is so fracking incredible, here's "Man-Size":

That's all folks. Enjoy your evenings. And see you tomorrow - I promise it will be worth your while!

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