Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Golden Boy

OK. Today's blog is really, really pointless. But, what can I say? Today was a pointless day.

With 9 Oscar nominations, I have finally decided it's time to go see "Avatar". I really hated "Titanic" with a passion, for my own solid reasons which anyone who's ever talked to me about movies knows about. I am fully expecting "Avatar" to be worth ALL the hype. And if it doesn't measure up, I'm going to throw in the towel on James Cameron. I am, after all, a complete sci-fi snob. My standards are super SKY-HIGH.

Tomorrow is also Superbowl Sunday, so I suppose it's also an appropriate day for a big blockbuster movie like "Avatar".

And then....... on March 5th is...... "Alice In Wonderland"!!

I don't worship many people, but Tim Burton is one of the few on my list who I do worship.

(that, above, is how I feel quite often.)

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