Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Everyone's A Photographer

Photographers, like lawyers, like architects, like graphic designers, are a dime a dozen these days. Anyone can take a picture, mess around with it in Photoshop, and proclaim themselves a professional. I myself do that. At first I wasn't going to let this blog be about my photography, but, well, shoot.. I'm damn proud of what I do! So there. Pride. It will always be my downfall. So this morning right here right now I'm going to show you a few personal favorites of mine. I'm really only doing this to remind myself that I've got a photography book on the back burner that I am SUPPOSED to be finishing up in all this down-time I have, and if I am not careful, it will fall by the wayside and never get done.

Anyway, these first two are detail shots I took while hiking near a friend's house at Lake Tahoe about two years ago.
This one I took during a visit to Alcatraz:

I took this next one while on a lengthy tour of California with my friend Sascha- the Watts Towers in Los Angeles, by Sabato Rodia:

While on that same tour, we also made a stop at Malibu. I took this shot from the pier:

And now, back to New York. These next three are from a few fashion shoots I did for Will McLeod's Spring/Summer 2010 clothing line:

And finally, a little teaser for the book I'm working on:

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