Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beautiful Neighbors

I have many favorite buildings here in the area where I live in Brooklyn. These are two of my favorites- The first is the famous Broken Angel House, on 4/6 Downing Street near Quincy. Broken Angel House used to be a lot bigger and bolder, but even as a ruin, you still get a sense of its beauty:

Click here to read about the amazing history of Broken Angel House on Wikipedia.

This next house is just 3 blocks away from Broken Angel House, on Saint James Pl. I wish I knew who the architect was, but just look at the incredible details & craftsmanship here! So, so stunning, and impeccably maintained:

Just look at those door hinges!

Two buildings to the left of it (not shown) are sister houses and are practically identical to it, but their condition is not nearly as great as that of 183.

It appears as though the basement level is one living unit, with the upper three floors as another whole separate unit. How I would love to see the interior! I drool every time I look at this house. Haha!

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Jen Parrish said...

love this post...great buildings you have near you! I have always loved bay windows that have a different material than the building they are attached to. The patina on the aged copper ones here in Boston make me swoon.