Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be Mine

It's the day of love.. and here's a poem I wrote this morning for MY true love-

The Two

A bloom of red, a bright singing touch,
A timeline, a life, a movement

Bipolar energy. The neutron and the cosmic

Universe, the 'you and I'

Of the two.

The magnetic field of two stray cats
Never betraying the orbital dance

The coldest winter streets are the warmest
Heart beats,

Between the two,
Between the two.

The independent halves of a greater whole,
The gravity, the chaos, the blood-red soul,

The purring embryonic pathway
Of a feline dream.

The orbital, the negative, the positive
A painted bloodstream

Together they burn

The electric charge,
The ending undone

Burning so brightly,
Together as one.
This is 'Romeo and Juliet' by Frank Bernard Dicksee.
Don't I look good in green??

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Will McLeod said...

i look good in the white snuggie :)